5. Februar 2021

Großer Erfolg beim CAE-Test

“Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.”

(Roger Bacon, English philosopher 1219/20-1292)

The Cambridge Club (very) proudly presents and announces:

In December 2020, ten students of year 13 did not only decide to take the extra challenge of participating in the Cambridge English Advanced Test, but also succeeded in reaching C1, seven of them exceeding all expectations by even reaching the highest possible language level, C2 (English Proficiency). Our heartiest congratulations go to:

Alexander Veeser

Annika Romeis

Carl Hannemann

Celine Catalcam

Finn de Bruyn

Grit Manssen

Lasse Welter

Luca Jürgen

Marius Wirtz

Yara Blaeser